Tuesday, 8 September 2015


It’s pretty challenging to hooked visitors onto your website. So, online merchants have always required something unique shopping cart services for their eCommerce websites. These services are designed to provide an exclusive browsing experience to the visitors.

There are numerous solutions present to support customer engagement and visitor conversion. But here the essential service is an auto complete search box. As you know that an e-commerce shopping site has extensive entries of products. Customers like smart option, i.e. a quick keyword search instead of browse through hundreds of products to find to find what they're searching out.

It is highly important that you add a search function on your website. Reason is an auto complete function in the search box alleviates the difficulty faced by customers in recalling a product name.

The Importance of Auto Search Box

It is the one thing that leads them into buying your products by acting as sales assistant who gets them exactly what they want!

OpenCart-Ext provides AUTOCOMPLETE SEARCH BOX MODULE to enhance the user experience of your OpenCart Store.

Auto Complete Search Box (OpenCart Extension) Features:
  • Easy installation
  • Easily enable/disable the modules from admin section 
Demo link:

Front-end link: http://www.opencart-ext.com/demo15x
Admin link: http://www.opencart-ext.com/demo15x/admin
Username: demo
Password: demo

If you face any problem or need any support than please contact - info@searchtechnow.comsearcheverythings@gmail.com


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