Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Yii is the latest and high-performance web application development framework that extensively used for crafting Web 2.0 applications. 

Yii is most popular PHP frameworks  because It simplifies application development process and helps to create a robust efficient, cost effective and maintainable web application product.

Some of the keys feature that highly recommend Yii for any sized project -

 Model View Controller (MVC):  

 Yii is based on the MVC architecture which allows you to carry out the organized web development process via unique separation of concerns based on MVC. 
 Database Access Objects (DOA): 

 Yii Query Builder offers developers to model database data in terms of objects for building SQL queries, which avoid the long and complex task of writing repetitive SQL queries.

AJAX Widgets: 

Yii is pre-loaded with a rich set of AJAX widgets that lets developers create highly efficient User Interfaces.

Authentication Capabilities:
Yii comes with a built-in authentication functionality and RBAC supported authorization which is easy to use and modifies.

Themes and Skins: 

Yii offers to you a wide range of skins and themes which can be customized in a systematized way as you wish.
Error Debugging: 

in Yii, error handling doesn't require a lot of efforts. The error messages being displayed in a neat and ordered manner and can be accessed categorically.
 Yii is secure PHP frameworks and It is equipped with the suite of security features such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, tampering with cookies etc. Its security mechanisms prevent from any potential threats on the web application.

The whole framework provides a simplified way of implementing web service in a web application.

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